Vores køkken

Our kitchen is in essence distinctly French bistro – but we reserve the right to be creative, to prime for good ideas and add the classic bistro components little “havoc”. Regardless of the style on the plate, we appreciate the fresh, high-quality and shop accordingly. Sometimes you can therefore find that your favorite food is sold out – the good news is that we get fresh produce home again tomorrow!

Our menu is large and varied – we often change and take pride in utilizing the raw materials when they are in season, how short it may be. We will not dictate what should be your starter or main course – so the menu is not divided, and more dishes are available in different sizes. CL0R0234So whether you’re a little hungry or very hungry, there are many options to choose from. Additional creates our kitchen every day for lunch a 2 course meal – that is not available on the a la carte menu – these menus are completely determined by daily fresh supplies and kitchen creativity. And can be supplemented with a delicious dessert from the menu.

Ravage – Restaurant & Bar
Kongens Nytorv 16  •  1050 Copenhagen K
+45 3332 5151  •  ravage@sovino.dk